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Sep. 17th, 2009 10:27 pm Note to self

Note to self...Must start paying more attention to LJ and stop using FaceBook and twitter so much to keep track of people. I miss a lot when I stop reading LJ. I suppose I should also start posting but I like the instant satisfaction of twitter and FaceBook.

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Oct. 5th, 2008 01:35 am Since my last post is private

Well I will post what I wish to share with you all instead of everything that's been going on in my life lately.

I may get to play with a mountain lion later today....I know I will get to play with the ligers but I really want to play with the mountain lion. There is a group that travels around raising money to support their rescue operations back home by selling pictures, playtime, and merchandise. They have a free magic show at the mall that their boss does to raise children’s awareness of the hazards of drugs and alcohol.  They had sent a fax to our hotel asking for room donations at one of our other properties and in return we would get the Golden Ticket. It's a package of one 8X10 photo with a liger and 8 min. of playtime. I jumped on it and negotiated for play time for my boss, his wife, and I as well as two golden tickets for his kids to use if we gave them two rooms at our hotel which is full service instead of just a bed the entire time they are in town.

When I went to the mall on Thursday I didn't expect the "star treatment" I would get when I told them who I was and presented the gift certificate for playtime before the magic show. They told me "We take care of our sponsors." I was given as long as I wanted in the cage but I had to cut it short to get to the show and they told me "come back after the show and you can play as long as you want." I did and it was great! I got to feed the ligers their bottles that night and they told me that they would hook me up with pictures as well. I ended up leaving on Thursday without getting the pictures taken because I was planning on going back to the mall the next day. I ended up getting to play with the ligers again on Friday when I got my pictures taken. I got one picture with Falcon the mountain lion and one with Jack (the kangaroo that is staying with them at our hotel). I will post the pictures later when I get my scanner hooked up to my computer. I didn't know that baby kangaroos are as soft as a chinchilla but that's how he felt when I pet him. The ligers are a soft as an average house cat and they have the same playful mentality and sleepiness of domestic kittens. I am in love with their babies as the workers call them.

The great part about this group is that they rescue any animal needing rescue. This means that they also have two pot bellied pigs with them and a collection of other animals exotic and domestic back home. They have plenty of land to accommodate the animals and a large staff to take care of all their special needs animals that they have rescued. I am so in love with this group that I want to turn my next "big vacation" into a trip down to Oklahoma to help out down there and volunteer my time to help take care of the animals and learn more about them.

Well I am out of time to type and in desperate need of sleep since I have to work before going to their last day at the mall to play with the babies. I will post again as time permits



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Sep. 12th, 2008 05:14 am School stress and no time!

Well I still haven't managed to have time for....anything. It's gotten to the point that I am never available unless it's related to school or work and I HAVE to find or make time for it. Three more weeks and my Fast Track class will end and then I'll have 5 weeks of catchup to do in my math class before my second Fast Track class starts. In conclusion I will talk to everyone and post again in December if I haven't flipped out from the stress by then. In the rare instance of free time I will try to call, text, and write those of you who try to contact me and haven't been able to. All I can do at this point is tell myself that I can do this and hope that people still want to talk to me when I am done since I have been pretty much ignoring everyone.

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Sep. 13th, 2007 05:07 am What Do You Have To Say? - Music: My First Favorite Band

What was the first band you became a fan of?

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Oddly enough I don't remember the name of the band so I will have to go digging through my old casett tapes to find it out and then update this post. It was a band with two really cute blond twins that I found out later were cousins to one of my friends. They were really popular out west when I was in third grade and I was a big fan for about two years. I had posters and everything!

Hey, Tigira! They are your cousins so maybe you remember the name of their band that they had years and years ago. When I noticed the picture of them on your fridge when you lived in WI I asked you about them and they are now modles. I didn't keep track of them but when I think of my first favorite band they are the first I can think of that I was a real fan of.

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May. 13th, 2007 05:32 am alanka v badgerpants

badgerpants challenges alanka to display their depth.
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alanka sinks to such depths of depravity badgerpants surrenders utterly disgusted, it's a win but it wasn't nice to watch.
badgerpants has been defeated by alanka
However the comotion has awoken badgerpants's parent brendanm720
brendanm720 challenges alanka on their honesty.
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alanka produces a witness, a vicar and a lawyer, it's no contest brendanm720 can't match that level of honesty
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However the comotion has awoken brendanm720's parent a_is_for_amy
a_is_for_amy challenges alanka to display their depth.
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However the comotion has awoken a_is_for_amy's parent remotegoat
remotegoat challenges alanka to prove their sophistication.
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alanka produces a pocket pun of such sophistication that remotegoat is reduced to tears.
ALANKA SCORED: 4/4 (100%)
You have defeated all players at this level.
Congratulations you have been awarded an ultimate fighter level of 4
Future games will be harder I'm afraid!

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May. 13th, 2007 05:10 am Wow what a night.

I am working the night audit tonight and it was a blast. We had another concert at the Chestnut Center for the Arts and as usual the musicians stayed at our hotel. We even have a package with a room and two tickets to the show so it’s not a big secret that they stay here. So a lot of the die-hard fans of the musicians are here and people going to the concert from out of town that wanted to hang out with the musicians after the concert were here as well. They chill in the bar till the bar closes and then the fun begins. They all came down to the Lobby area and brought several pitchers of beer and their drinks that they had left and partied on up here. It was fun and I didn’t have to worry about them being too loud in the rooms because they were all up in the lobby area so they didn’t disturb anyone else staying in the hotel. At about four in the morning they finally ran out of alcohol and decided to crash. It was down to three till about 4:30AM and now they are all safely tucked into bed and I have cleaned up the lobby area. So the good news is that the hell that I had gone through last time we had this big of a crowed was managed well this time and prevented before it had a chance to start. If this is how the rest of the weekends that there are concerts go than I think this will work. If I have one more really bad weekend again I am going to say that this package is not going to happen again and prevent the problem from happening again this time. It was a blast and I had a great time. I was even sung to again. I love musicians!

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May. 12th, 2007 04:03 am Whirlwind lifestyle

Life has been busy. I have found that I am either finding myself with too much free time or I am overwhelmed. Right now I am in a period of being overwhelmed. I have had whirlwind weeks that don't seem to last long enough to be considered a week. I have more new hobbies than I know what to do with.

I have a new textile art that I am fascinated with. It's called tablet or card weaving and it's a lot of fun. I have checked out several new books from the library and had taken a class at the last SCA event that I went to. I am enjoying exploring the history of tablet weaving and have found several new yahoo groups and international communities centered around this art form. I haven't made very many things yet since I am still in the experimental period but I am seeing a potential for many fun projects that I can't wait to start. I had always wondered how decorative trim had been made in the past before everything became automated and now I know. I eventually want to make trim to sell at events. I seem to be gaining hobbies that involve yarn. I now have more yarn than I could possibly use. I have been compulsively buying yarn! I now knit, cardweaving, sew, do cross stitch, and I have been trying to figure out nalbinding. I have half finished projects scattered all over my house. At least I got the baby blanket done for one of my friends.

I am taking a tribal belly-dancing class with one of my coworkers and am having a blast. The instructor is really nice and lets my coworker and I stay later and practice. I need a copy of her album though. I am having problems with the timing on the choreography of the dance she is trying to teach us since I practice without the music and then go to class and have to speed up or slow down what I have been practicing. The music is weird... there are several different tempos in the same piece of music and a pause in the music for several min. during the choreography. I have also realized the fringe benefits of learning this form of dance. I did something to my back the Friday after my first class. All I knew was that it hurt to sit it hurt to stand and it hurt to lay in a single position for long periods of time. I got a massage and it helped but didn't make everything better. My massage therapist told me the belly-dancing would help. She was right. I hurt a bit more than normal after the class but when I woke up the next morning I felt great. After six days of nearly constant pain it was a very nice change. I have two weeks left in this class and we are supposed to dress up one of the days. I have a gypsy costume that I made that will be perfect for that day of class. Finally a practical use for a Samhain costume I haven't pulled out in a year or two.

My friend Rachel and her fiance Wil had their baby on Beltane. It's quite fitting considering the fertility rituals we did and all they went through to have him. It's nice to see things come full circle. Liam is a bundle of joy and a great baby. I haven't seen him awake yet though. LOL

All and all a lot has been happening lately but I am able to keep afloat and i am enjoying having a social life again. I have such a great time at my new class and I have enough hobbies to keep me busy when I am up late.

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Jan. 17th, 2007 09:07 pm Back to work

Well I am back at work. I had the weekend off and was able to visit with my aunt and uncle that live in Chicago. I took off Friday to Tuesday this week. It was great! I practically lived at my mom's house and just spent the weekend vegging out and watching movies...did I mention that there was way too much food. It was our Christmas celebration with them...for a pagan I spend a lot of time celebrating Christmas with family. I know it may sound strange but I look at Christmas as a family tradition and Yule as a religious holiday. That is why my December and beginning of January is INSANE!!!!! It's the holiday season that never ends!

Throw in a very drunk me when New Years Eve hit The bartender wanted revenge so he (gave) me random shots of really strong liquor...did I mention New Years was...Um...interesting?? He and I have been trying to get the other totally and I mean totally trashed for a while. He seems to do a better job of getting me trashed because I am a lightweight when it comes to booze and he seems to have a hollow leg. It is the season for me eating and drinking too much now it's back to reality and an empty fridge. (Except for the massive amounts of alcohol that is currently taking up the entire bottom shelf of my fridge.) I hardly ever drink at home and I have more alcohol than I could ever drink. I need friends who live close and drink a lot...never mind they didn't make me happy so I don't hang out with them anymore...In fact they were really bad friends. Here's to all my good friends who live too damn far away and the friends who live close who don't drink...much. I guess I had better get back to work.

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Dec. 31st, 2006 06:23 am ????

This is something little and fun. I am too tired for more. I am in the middle of an 8 hour shift then I get 8 hours off and then I am back for another 8 hours. I am not happy with myself because I am the one to blame since I am the one who writes the schedule. Everyone else at work had plans and couldn't work the 3-11 shift tonight so I am SOL. In other news I am more confused about life the universe and everything than I have ever been before. Oddly enough I am still happy so I think the confusion is an OK thing.

In 2007, alanka resolves to...
Learn to play the ireland.
Find a better homoeroticism.
Backup my art regularly.
Find a new purple.
Ask my boss for a mead.
Keep my magick clean.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

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Dec. 26th, 2006 06:02 pm My Weekend In A Ramble

Well my weekend is over and I have to go to work tomorrow. Gasp...I am posting to my journal from somewhere other than work. I started out my weekend Friday having to work 3-11PM which I normally like but since someone else was hosting ritual at my house I had to clean. Let's just say when the host and hostess got to my house I made it perfectly clear that I had the dishes done when they walked in and that's how they should be when they leave. I hate doing dishes! So I stayed up all night on Friday night cleaning my house and wrapping gifts because I am not using my normal holiday organization skills. Most years I have a list of everyone I am buying for and the prices and the store they were purchased at with all the receipts set aside somewhere just in case they need to exchange the gift. Not this year I threw away the receipts in the cleaning frenzy and I had no clue what I had purchased for whom earlier in the year. One of the disadvantages to celebrating Christmas with your family when you are pagan is that the holiday never seems to end. This year everything was so close together that I finally caught up on sleep today even though I wanted to see a friend I hadn't seen in years earlier in the day so I had more time with her. Anyway I finally crawled into bed Friday night or should I say Saturday morning at about 5AM to sleep till noon because I needed to get my avon order for my mom's stocking before Christmas day. So I set my alarm for noon and slept till one in the afternoon. Not good but I knew I wanted to be up by one to make a phone call to a friend who has been working strange hours too and he told me that would be the time to call. Funny but he didn't get off of work till six in the morning and was still sleeping because he had been pulling doubles. Not fun for him and I completely understand the need for sleep so I reset my alarm for two and went back to bed since the avon lady said between two and five she would be here. So I finally get the avon order take out the trash that I was too lazy to take out the night before and finish the last of the laundry that I decided to leave in the wash because I needed sleep. So I am working on the last min. preparations for a house invasion that I am excited about when I look at the time and realize I haven't taken a shower yet. I called the Host and he said that they would be on there way in ten min. I decided to waite till they got here to take a shower because they needed to get the roast ready. The timing was perfect because once I was fully dressed and ready for ritual the last of the group showed up. Then while we were making the last preparations for ritual after we socialized for a bit I remembered the wine that I had picked up in Boston is not chilled and is a MUCH better selection than what had been brought. So I tossed the wine in the freezer and tell everyone 15 to 20 min. before ritual. Then my phone rings perfect timing because I thought I had turned in onto vibrate so the alarm clock still worked since our Host needed to go to work at ten. The phone call I had made at one was calling me back we had to waite anyway so I called him back and had a brief conversation just to catch up. And then it was back for ritual and the wine was the perfect temperature once I got off the phone. Ritual and the meal went well we had a light hearted out of the ordinary spoof ritual that was fun as well as funny but had the intent and seriousness behind it. Yes, that sounds weird but the host and hostess managed it quite well. After all was said and done we decided to have a sleepover at my house with whoever could stay. So the Host and Hostess spent the night and we were up all night talking. Another late night then I had to be up early on Sunday to finish my sisters quilt that my mother and I made for her. Let's just say that is the last quilt that I am going to sew the sides together without bias tape on. What a nightmare when you are on a time crunch. Once that was done I had to get everything together to go to my mom's house for her annual Christmas Eve party. That was fun but lasted forever. Then I had to finish making my nephew's scarf that I promised my sister I would make since they started using longer scarfs. I went to bed on Christmas eve at three in the morning Christmas day then I had to be up early for Christmas since I had to go to work at three in the evening to work. So Christmas day was a quick party this year and I was off to work. Did I mention that I had fallen twice that day. The first time in my mom's garage and then on my sisters ice rink...I mean sidewalk to her house. Not feeling the best by the time I get into work and then I realize that the only shoes I have with me are high healed boots that I thought would look cute with my outfit. Great a ankle that is protesting and then I have to be in high heals. I spent the night at my mom's house last night and I was able to get into contact with a friend that a miss more than I can say so I get to see her for the first time in two years in about an hour. So the weekend was very crazy but still fun and I got the greatest gift ever. I still have a friend that I thought I had lost because we haven't talked in years.

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